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Black Out Days + Future Islands

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So the Berlin house aficionado from Play It Down is going to be in SF on Saturday night, and I’m trying to motivate myself to get after it by posting two of my favorite summer-ready Oliver $ jams. To go or not to go?

Edit: This show is $Free.99 if you download the YPlan app and enter the code: FIRSTCITY00 ($30 cred) and you could also try mine MLIM4 ($10 credit). Hooray for free shows!

Oliver $ and Jimi Jules - Pushing On

Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt - Shake That (Oliver $ Remix)
i’m on my way to the liquor store…

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I’m eagerly awaiting this “Piano Weapon” by Shadow Child and Doorly (August ‘14 release date)…can’t wait to hear this one nice and loud on some top notch club speakers, or in high-quality with earbuds. This track will clearly be lighting up the dancefloors of Ibiza this summer.

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Temples Move With The Season (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any new music, but I was inspired to write today after listening to a bunch of new songs that felt too good not to share. My writing is definitely rusty, so apologies in advanced if my musical descriptions don’t make sense to you.

This first song is a warm, spaced-out remix of Temples’ psychedelic ”Move With The Season” by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve. 

Under his moniker Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, Erol Alkan creates a lush and dreamy atmosphere from the original by bringing the vocals to the foreground, and adding harps and strings which harmonize perfectly with the bass guitar. This “re-animation” is dramatic and filled with magic, and as Alkan strips down the noise, draws out the breaks and reintroduces the original elements piece by piece, it is hard not to be caught up in his wizardry.

Sounds like: Tame Impala

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Henry Krinkle - Stay (Justin Martin Remix)
you should stay right now

Justin Martin’s
remix of “Stay” is one of those songs that immediately captured my full attention upon first hearing it. I had heard this entrancing remix at various J. Martin shows over the past few months, but I wasn’t able to find a copy of it anywhere until yesterday. Needless to say, I could barely contain my excitement when I saw that this massive tune was finally released. 

The last time I saw Justin Martin at 1015 Folsom, he teased out the crowd with his deeper and darker take on the progressive original track. The drifting and echoing vocals, along with the signature Dirtybird bassline on this remix are simply mesmerizing. Close your eyes and get lost in the moment.

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Deep City Groove - Police Brutality (Dale Howard’s Brutal Mix)

This last track for the day is simply massive. Dale Howard brings his usual hard hitting, in-your-face bass on this remix. I heard this song at a recent all-night Full Moon party on the beach, and you can imagine what kind of energy a track like this brings to a crowd at 3:30am.

Sounds like: Amine Edge and Dance

More Dale Howard here.

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Green Eggs and Ham, anyone?

"Visual cues kind of have precedence and can set up expectations about what it is we think we’re going to taste and what the flavor will be," he says. "And those expectations tend to be a very powerful determinant of what we actually experience."

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Hot Natured (Feat. Anabel Englund) - Reverse Skydiving (Shadow Child Remix)

Saw Shadow Child two weeks ago, and he had such a strong finish to his set! 

Killer combo to end an amazing set…
1) Tiga vs. Audion - Let’s Go Dancing (Breach Remix)
2) This track. Boom.
3) Friend Within - The Renegade 
… and a few others. You get the picture.

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Yumi Zouma - It Feels Good To Be Around You

Dear Air France,
sometimes I think the way we met, happened too fast

Story and free download here.

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Steve Reich - Nagoya Marimba (HNNY Edit)


Hello all! It has seriously been forever and a minute since I’ve posted, so I figured I’d kick off my posting with something a bit off the beaten path. For those who don’t know what a marimba is, it is an instrument in the idiophone family (same family as the xylophone.)  

"Nagoya Marimba (HNNY Remix)" is a deep house edit of a 1990s marimba track by Swedish producer HNNY. I heard this song on a podcast last week and was walking home in the rain whilst stepping to this beat, and it felt like a perfect soundtrack to my environment. I love how the beat builds and progresses over the course of the song, specifically at around the [2:07] mark, you know you are being set up for something powerful.

Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. 

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DJ Koze - Magical Boy (feat. Matthew Dear)

Are the vocals like a grounding point? 
It’s almost like a house. It needs a room. Sometimes it can be interesting without. Even on the album [Amygdala], I don’t want every song to have lyrics. But after 10 minutes maybe you’re lost in an instrumental version but then again somebody is there and says ‘hi!’. This was a little of the idea of the album. There’s always someone there. You go from room to room, in some rooms there is nobody, but in the end, somebody is there for you.

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Giraffage - Moments [free download!]


San Francisco based producer Giraffage will be playing alongside Purity Ring at 1015 Folsom this Friday, and I’m really tempted to snipe tickets and catch his heady, dreamy electronica. I’m really not sure how I slept on Giraffage until just recently. “Moments” has been on repeat for me all day. Nuff said. 

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Best of 2013 — a slice of electronic music

This playlist contains some of my favorite tracks that I’ve heard this year (that are available on Soundcloud) in the world of electronic music. It’s a bit of a work in progress but it encompasses a pretty wide range of sounds and moods, from the bouncy upbeat disco vibes of Moon Boots to the post-apocalyptic sounds of Machinedrum

Missing from this playlist but indubitably among some of my favorite artists with killer music this year:: DJ Rashad ”Feelin”, Claude Vonstroke "The Bridge", Moderat "Let In The Light", Daniel Avery “Drone Logic”, Airhead "Wait"… and countless more. This is just a slice. Enjoy!

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Phaehleh - Storm (Applebottom Remix) [free download via xlr8r]

Some fire for your morning. Been browsing through XLR8R’s Top 100 Free Downloads of 2013, and this one hit a sweet spot. This one requires a tiny bit of patience, but when all of the elements finally tie together, ah, it’s a treat for your ears.

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Dale Howard - Limit

Stay deep. Smashing bassline by UK Producer Dale Howard.

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