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Better than: All that shit that happened at Burning Man while you were on acid and can’t remember anyway.” -LA Weekly writer Ron Garmon

10/16  Show Review - Amon Tobin at the Music Box, Hollywood

Amon Tobin - Journeyman [download]

Journeyman. ISAM takes you on a journey, man. The first track off Amon Tobins ISAM (2011) album, “Journeyman” can give you a pretty good idea of the type of visual and auditory adventure that I embarked on this past Sunday at the Music Box. This show truly took me on an odyssey filled with beautiful sights and experimental sounds. I had never really heard much of Amon Tobin’s music until I saw the preview for his new audiovisual show, ISAM, back in July. After watching a YouTube clip of Amon doing it live at the Mutek Festival in Canada, I knew that I had to see his show. So naturally I bought a pair of tickets back in July for a show in October that I knew little about.

ISAM live is quite possibly the most technologically advanced visual show in the entire world, and hands down the best that I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen Nosaj Thing, Deadmau5, Pretty Lights, and other artists with fantastic lights and visuals, but Amon Tobin’s setup was on an entirely different level and playing field. The stage was built with 64 white cubes, stacked in a tetris-like manner that made it stand out as a wild 3D contraption.

When the visuals were projected onto these cubes in perfect synchronicity with the music, I felt like I was seeing in 4D or something! It was absolutely mind blowing. Amon DJ’ed from the center cube, as you can see in the picture* above, and once in a while the cubes would become translucent and you could catch glimpses of him tearing it up in his little cube. There were the craziest projections on these cubes - moments where a spaceship would whizz through the cubes, or when the music got extremely intense there would be an electric lightning storm that you could feel from the sights and sounds. 

There were sections in the show where it felt as if I had just entered The Matrix.

Musically, Amon Tobin dropped a lot of dubstep, but the rest of the show was experimental electronic noises and soundscapes that were perfectly synced up with his visuals. There was even a moment where he dropped some drum and bass, and the crowd went absolutely nuts. I for one danced especially hard during this section! I was impressed with how long the show went; I surely didn’t expect it to go as long as it did. Amon finished the show with a huge drop and confetti was BLASTED all over the crowd, and cheers erupted throughout the crowd in approval of this avant-garde spectacle. If you ever get a chance to see Amon Tobin’s ISAM audiovisual show, please do yourself a favor and go. It’s like visual ecstasy for your eyes. Your eyes (and ears) and soul will thank you.

*Note: All the pictures come from LA Weekly photographer Brian Erzen. Mad props for his quality shots.


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