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you are…important to a lot of people. you think about that. you are…important to a lot of people.  you think about that.

Bonobo - Terrapin (Sonorous Mix) [download]
This one takes the cake as the most relaxing and uplifting Bonobo remix that I have ever encountered. The song Terrapin is already relaxing as is, but this Sonorous Remix takes it to a whole new level. Along with the lyrical samples, this song can relax me even in my most stressed out moments. It almost makes me feel as if I am floating, and all my worries dissipate with the beauty of this thoughtful remix. I can listen to this song on repeat and feel like my weight has been lifted.

Especially when I am feeling down, the tiny sample reassures me of the value of being, and no matter what, I am important to a lot of people.

I’m going to think about that.

P.S. Bonobo - The Sweetness (Album)
soon to come. Stay tuned.


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